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About Our Sea Kayaks

At Sea Kayak Argyll & Bute we use Tiderace kayaks for all our coaching and guiding. Our kayaks have done many, many thousands of miles and we are delighted with their performance, durability and attention to design detail.

Our guides all use Tiderace kayaks when away on multi week trips, and they have extensive knowledge about their design, sea worthiness, handling characteristics, and outstanding construction.

This is why Sea Kayak Argyll & Bute exclusively uses Tiderace as a brand:

’Tiderace sea kayak uses the best construction technology currently available. The composite material used in manufacture include woven and directional glass fibre carbon/kevlar combinations and woven carbon fibre. Highest quality epoxy resin is used in every laminate and the high bond Ampreg Tie Coat ensures maximum adhesion to the gelcoat. The composite laminates are either moulded by hand or by vacuum depending on the construction type.
An epoxy compatible polyester gelcoat is used which facilitates easy repair should the kayak be damaged.’
Dave Felton, Owner, Tiderace Sea Kayaks.

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